1xBet always offers its customers only the best, and is ready to give them money in advance for additional rates!

What is 1xBet Advance

An advance in 1xbet is a trust action in which the 1xBet betting company provides bettors advance funds that can be used to place bets on a large number of sports events.

The type of bets in which upfront funds are involved are called Advancebet (Trust Bids).

Advancebet (Trust rate) from 1xBet is provided only if the bettor has unsettled bets.

The amount of Advancebet that the bookmaker is ready to offer the player as a confidence bet is displayed in the bet slip and depends on the amount of potential winnings from the player’s unsettled bets.

A player can get an Advancebet even if he has already made trust bets.

How to find out the amount of the trust deposit

The available Advance bid amount can be found on your coupon. Click the “Learn” button opposite the “Available Advance” and you will see the funds available in the form of a Trust Advance.

  • Go to the LIVE section;
  • Choose a game event that interests you;
  • The coupon has an “Available Advance” field, where the maximum bet amount is presented.

When can I use Advancebet?

Advance funds can only be used for Live events and only for those sports events that start in the next 48 hours.

1xBet Advancebet Terms of Service

  • Additional upfront bets can be placed even if you already have unpaid upfront bets.
  • 1xBet reserves the right to offer or cancel this advance payment at the discretion of the company without explanation.
  • Preliminary bids are based on estimates of potential earnings from your unsettled bids.
  • All bets made before the preliminary bets and calculated within 48 hours after placing the preliminary bets will be used to cover the made preliminary bets.
  • If, after settling bets made before the Pre-bets, the refund does not cover the amount of the Pre-bets used, the Pre-bets are considered void.
  • Deposits made after using a trust rate cannot be used to cover trust rates.

Example Advancebet

Event Options Rates and balance Advance funds Own  funds  Enrolled
Bets from advance funds won.
The expected payouts on winning coupons are $ 45 and $ 100.
Bets from own money lost. Bets from upfront funds are void.
Personal money of $ 10 that participated in the bet is credited to the account
Own funds 250 $
$ 100 with a ratio of 1.5 – potential yield of $ 150
$ 150 with a coefficient of 2 – potential yield of $ 300
Balance 10 $
As part of the promotion, 1xbet offers a preliminary bid of $ 100
$ 30 with a ratio of 1.5 – potential yield of $ 45
$ 50 with a coefficient of 2 – a potential return of $ 100
+ (won) – (lost) +10 $
Bets from advance funds lost.
Bets from own money won. Payout at rates: (150 + 300) = $ 450.
$ 50 and $ 20 were spent on the advance rate ($ 10 is personal money).
The amount of advance rates (150 + 300) -50-20 = $ 380 is deducted from the payment amount.
The amount credited is $ 380
– (lost) + (won)
(150+300)-50-20= 380
+380 $
Bets from advance funds lost.
Bets from own money lost.
In this case, bets made for advance payments are void.
An amount of $ 10 (personal money) is considered a losing
– (lost) – (lost) -10 $