1xBet Accumulator of the Day Bonus (Express of the Day)

The 1xBet bookmaker has launched an interesting new campaign, “Accumulator of the Day” (Express of the Day) in which customers can receive attractive winnings for ready-made expresses drawn up by the bookmaker’s specialists.

Every day, 1xBet offers its bettor several ready-made expresses compiled by the specialists of the office.

The player evaluates the offers and makes a bet on one of the expresses.

If the “Accumulator of the Day” (Express of the Day) is winning, the client receives a pleasant bonus: 1xBet automatically increases the coefficient of the express by 10% and pays out the winnings according to the changed coefficient.

However, 1xBet bettors should remember:

  • you can bet on the express of the day using only real money from your gaming account.
  • you cannot delete or change events in the express.

Players can familiarize themselves with the express trains on the main page of the bookmaker’s office, the section is located directly under the block with the line.

FAQ: How to put Express in 1xbet and what is Accumulator of the Day

What is accumulator bet

Accumulator Bet – this is a bet that includes several independent outcomes. The odds of such outcomes are multiplied by each other and thanks to this you can win quite a lot of money.

A simple example. Take 3 matches:

Team 1 – Team 2bet on victory 2 (W2)odds 2.90
Team 3 – Team 4bet on victory 1 (W1) odds 1.50
Team 5 – Team 6bet on victory 2 (W2) odds 2.52

All three odds are multiplied by each other (2.90 * 1.50 * 2.52), and we get a total coefficient of 10.962 of almost 11.

That is, by betting $ 10 we can win almost $ 110, which is a very, very good agreement.

There is only one problem – if in at least one case we don’t guess how the match will end, we lose all the money.

How to make an accumulator bet on 1xbet?

We will take into account that you are registered and installed the 1xbet application.

Once in the application, we need to select the events that we want to add to the accumulator (express).

Select the event of interest to us in the Line, for example, NapoliBarcelona, press W2 (second victory). Next, click “Add to bet slip“. We get a message that the event has been added.

We return to the Menu of popular events and select another match, for example, Chelsea Bayern Munich. Choose W2.

We return to popular events, and choose the following. For example, Dynamo Moscow – Traktor Chelyabinsk. Choose the outcome of the match, for example, W1, click “Add to bet slip“.

After we have decided on all the events, press Menu and go to the Bet slip section. In the section we see all the events selected by us and information about the coefficients. If everything suits us, click on BET, select Place a bet. Specify Enter stake amount. And press BET. All bid is done. Express delivered.

What is 1xbet Accumulator of the Day?

1xbet offers over 1000 sporting events daily. 1xbet experts select the best and most reliable events, combine events into express trains and offer users to use this service and get an additional bonus for it, provided that the selected express win. Bonus – increase in the coefficient of express by 10%. There are two types of Accumulator of the Day: Line and Live.

The Accumulator of the Day can be found at the very bottom of the site both in the desktop version and in the mobile one.

The Accumulator of the Day can contain various sporting events. The number of events from three or more.

You can familiarize yourself with the Accumulator in more detail, or if everything suits you, place a bet. To place a bet, just add to the Coupon. If not, scroll down and find the one that suits you. The number of Accumulator of the Day can be on average from 5 to 10 or a little more.

Should I make bets choosing Accumulator of the Day?

This service is very convenient for its speed. The odds are varied. If something does not fit, you can choose another express of the day, there is a choice.

The total coefficients of the express day can be different. As you can see in the photo, these can be various meanings, for example, “LIVE ACCUMULATOR OF THE DAY # 2” – 6.156, “ACCUMULATOR OF THE DAY # 5” – 10.149. It happens that the express of the day may contain a final coefficient of more than 20. Events in the express of the day can also be different: football, hockey, basketball.

Statistics for Accumulator of the Day is not available on the 1xBet website. In the “Results” section, only the outcomes for individual matches are provided.

The chances of winning, as in the regular Accumulator, but only you rely on the bookmaker and in case of victory you will receive an additional pleasant bonus. You decide.

Before you bet, we advise you to try to analyze each event for cross-country ability. If everything suits you, and you are ready to bet, then why not get an additional bonus coefficient of 1.1